Project leads are leaders with a high competence. Together with the leadership of a company, they decide about the right people for a project team. While doing so, the carefully select people so that they extend each other’s skills. On top of that, they take that the financial plans and the budget are respected.

Tasks of a project lead

Our company will create a project plan for you and implement it with your organization. Project leads will be employed according to your individual requirements to handle the following the tasks:

  • Creation of profitability analyses
  • Identify risks and weaknesses of a project
  • Develop action plans

Team members of the project team

Every team member will bring in his own expertise. On top of that, every team member has to have basic knowledge about project management so that a common ground can be established.

Basics of project development & project steering

A good project lead has to have the necessary know-how on methodology and project management skills. We are able to understand technical and functional details, evaluate them or even work them out together with you and check their quality and correctness. Therefore, project development can be understood as the creation of a technical, economical and legal framework. Kyrein understands project development as the sum of all architectural, technical, legal and economic measures which have to the goal to finalize a project within the required scope of costs, quality and time.

Project management and project steering mainly consists of the following tasks:

  • Identification of success measures
  • Planning of value creation
  • Profitability analyses
  • Organization, information, coordination and documentation
  • Controlling quality and quantity
  • Timeline and capacity alignment

All in all, project management continuously evaluates the performance of team members and derives action plans from that. This not only improves quality but also the overall progress.

When it comes to your construction project, we strongly focus on the following measures:

  • Net value without ground value
  • Investment volume
  • Additional costs of buying
  • Sale prices
  • Net Profit of a developer
  • Costs of financing
  • Project management cost
  • Costs of construction

On top of that, we also take care of identifying and developing new ground.