We only use high quality material and exclusive interiors to equip our estates. This is essential to us and ensures that your estate not only lasts long but also meets the highest quality standards. Our suppliers are selected carefully to deliver on time and meet your expectations.

Since quality and reliability are very important to us, we dedicated a significant amount of time to choose our suppliers and partners. This enables us to meet your and our own high expectations.

In the following, we want to present you some examples on the products we offer. However, this is just a small selection of possibilities, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get the full overview.

To make sure, the core of your estate is stable and lasts long, we only use bricks from the German vendor POROTON. The company has more than 50 years of experience and is very well known for its high quality. On top of that, we build brick on brick instead of employing prefabricated building as this is the only way to meet highest quality standards. More information about POROTON can be found on their own homepage.

Since we usually hand over your estate as ready for occupation, we also take care of installing all necessary interior and sanitary equipment. To deliver you modern design and luxurious quality, we work together with the Italian producer Kerasan. Kerasan has been producing qualitative sanitary equipment since 1960 and offers a broad choice of designs. Feel free to explore Kerasan’s catalog and get an impression on their designs and quality.

Another important supplier for equipment around your living area and bathrooms is the Italian brand MAMOLI. The company was founded 1932 in Italy and joined the German FRANKE group in the meanwhile. It has been standing for high quality and exclusive designs since its foundation. You can explore the MAMOLI catalog here.

Are you interested to find out more? Please browse our current offerings to find your own dream estate today! If you have any question or want to know more about our estates and equipments, feel free to reach out to us!